Klein KARBN Hardhat With Cooling Fan

One of our favorite new pieces of PPE from Klein is the latest Full Brim KARBN Class E Hardhat with a fan attachment! For those who work out in the heat every day, especially in southern states like Texas, Arizona, and Florida – this hardhat is a game-changer for you.

You can buy the whole hardhat with the cooling fan as a complete assembly, or you can simply purchase the cooling fan kit and add it to a Klein brimmed hardhat that you already own.

We all know that most hardhats are uncomfortable as all get out, so Klein revamped the headband around the sides and front to be more comfortable around the front and sides of your head. They also added the same padding to the top of the hardhat’s suspension rig so even having the weight of the hat on the top of the hat, is comfortable. This becomes more important when something hits the hardhat from above while wearing it, as it adds a level of shock absorption to the hat.

The cooling fan attachment is a kit that fits on the backside of the brimmed Klein hardhat and is electrically tied into the battery pack on the front of the hardhat. This front battery mount can also have a Klein work-light clipped into it, making this hardhat one of the most advanced utility hardhats on the market.

The vent tubes from the fan wrap around and vent cold air on the back of your head and neck, so whether you’re working directly out in the sun, or you’re stuck in a hot metal building, it keeps cool air circulating on your head so you lessen your chance for heatstroke throughout the day.

On top of it all, it’s simply the most comfortable hardhat to wear. This means you don’t mind wearing it all day, so you’re less likely to be taking it off and putting it on all day long – which is a big bonus for those safety guys walking around the job site looking over your shoulder.

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