Self-Paced Video Courses Are Here

Why go to a class and sit in person with an instructor, at their specified time, to learn what they want to teach you? Online learning has come a long way in the past few years, and now there are online video-based courses that you can take at your own pace, to expand your knowledge of your craft.

Many states require electricians to do hours of state-mandated continuing education courses each year to keep their licenses, and most of these courses are self-paced. What this means is that you can watch videos, login, log out, continue where you left off, and gain credit for the time spent in the course. Electrician U offers such courses, except ours are a lot more interesting than most because they’re video-based rather than listening to a computerized voice read text off of a screen. However, some electricians want more education than what their states mandate as a minimum for continued learning. In such cases, people haven’t had very many resources, other than YouTube and some books to actually learn more about their craft. That is until now

Electrician U has just launched video-first self-paced courses that anyone can purchase and dive off into until their heart’s content. We drop a new course on the 15th of every month, and topics include things like “Fundamentals of Electrical Theory”, “Dwelling Calculations: Standard vs Optional Method”, “Article 430 – Motors”, “Electrician Math – Ohm’s Law and Other Formulas”, “Transformers”, and more. We don’t just teach code or offer CEUs, we do offer those things, however in addition we teach things that electricians do in the field and support your field experience with tons of resources.

If you don’t want to pay for each of these courses individually, Electrician U offers a membership option where you get ALL of our courses included, as well as your continuing education each year, all of our practice exams, our educational newsletter filled with articles and videos, premium members-only videos, discounts on classes and merch, and even access to a private members-only Discord channel in the UCREW discord. So either way you go, we offer a ton of education for electricians and for much cheaper than most places you’ll find out there trying to sell you a $1200 pack of DVDs or online classes for $500.


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